Monday, June 10, 2013

6/10/13 - EOD Update

And another one. Channel still intact.


Forgot to post this weekly chart over the weekend too. I made a small adjustment to this chart.

Note that the 13 week EMA has clearly been support. As for wave 7 of the extended wave C, I believe it may be extending into a nine wave structure itself.


Just looked at ES tonight and noticed the textbook impulse. The question is whether wave [2] is complete.

Wave [2] does look like a double zigzag near the 23% retrace. We'll see in the AM.

ES - 60 Min -9:30 PM

Nothing to add from the AM Update. Just watching to see how this potential right shoulder forms.

The bulls attempted to stab through the 20 day SMA but were rejected. Lets see if they succeed after some consolidation.

15 Min 


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