Thursday, June 13, 2013

6/13/13 - AM Update

Forgot to post this chart too. Note the bounce on the TL again? See the sharp move the first time around? Will it happen again?

60 Min 

Haven't had time to chart the market this AM. I did tweet that an extended wave wave looking very likely especially if it could break through the wedge, which it did.

This is a quick count on the squiggles.

3 Min - 12:10 PM

I wrote on yesterday's EOD post, " If the bulls are gonna show up, it should start tomorrow because time is running out and the 3 min chart provides for a good case. If there is a small move down in the AM, I will be looking at the light green trend line on the 15 min chart below as a possible support level."

15 Min - 7:07 AM
So far a bounce out of the wedge.

3 Min - 7:07 AM

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