Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6/18/13 - AM Update

I adjusted the subwaves for the ED of C since the previous count had wave v larger then iii. So this could very well just be completing wave iii right now.

15 Min - 11:53 AM

Update 15 min view. The red triangle option is out. The next bear alternative is below. Wave C ending in an ED.

15 min - 10:08 AM

The blue and black option is setting up a triple nested 1-2 up, which would mean an explosion higher. Hmmm..
15 Min - 8:46 AM

The 3 min view.

3 Min - 8:14 AM

The red tri option is now an ascending tri unless wave A is taken out.

15 Min - 7:44 AM

The bears are about to lose the triangle option I have been presenting on the 15 min chart. Here is one more potential alternative to watch, otherwise, bulls may be set to launch here.
60 Min - 7:40 AM

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