Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6/18/13 - EOD Update

Been keeping an eye on the weekly MACD. The last 4 crosses have resulted in some downside. There is a bear count option to support this as well. We shall see what tomorrow and the rest of this week brings.


The bulls finally broke thru the 20 day SMA. Daily MACD is turning as well. I still feel that the bulls should accelerate higher if the blue count is to be proven correct.

If blue {iv} retraces into {i} tomorrow, red flags should go up because a quadruple nested 1-2 would be a little suspect.

I adjusted the red option to better reflect what is happening with the ED count. The bears have a triple -ve divergence on the 15 min so it is possible we see a dip early tomorrow to complete wave iv.

We should see resolution by tomorrow.

15 Min 


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