Thursday, June 20, 2013

6/20/13 - AM Update

The bearish nested 1-2 i-ii played out as highlighted in the red option. It has now been incorporated into the blue count. The green option is still in play, however, there is no longer a double bottom scenario.

15 Min - 12:30 PM

Here is another chart I have been keeping an eye on and tracking. The 13 week EMA has been support for quite some time so certainly need to keep an eye on it. Note again the bearish MACD cross.

Weekly- 9:12 AM

Something to consider. I have added the green option that we should all be aware of especially if this correction since 5/22 results in a double bottom. Odds are stacked against it because of the bearish weekly MACD cross but the defense at 1600 shouldn't be ignored.

15 Min - 9:08 AM

Haven't posted my AAPL chart in a while. The triangle still looks good.

AAPL - Weekly

Here is the 60 min view highlighting the double zigzag.

60 Min - 7:58 AM

The bears chose to go the alt route mentioned last night with the gap and go down. However, looking at the squiggles once again, it is very possible wave i is wrapping up here at 1600. If not, wave {iii} of iii is wrapping up here at 1600.

I present the blue and red options below.
15 Min - 7:26 AM

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