Friday, June 7, 2013

6/7/13 - AM Update

1 min update

1 Min - 11:28 AM

Possibly just a zigzag for 4 or watch what it does here, could consolidate some more.

1 Min - 9:57 AM

1 min update. H/S or triangle?

1 min - 9:23 AM

1 min update

1 Min - 7:55 AM

Update on the 15 min chart showing the invalidation points for black, red and green. Blue is the most likely at the moment.

15 Min - 7:19 AM

Possibly wrapping up wave iii here but there may be a few more options here as well.
Perhaps wave IV consolidates or there is more to this extending.

1 Min 6:55 AM

Don't you wish you would have bought on this tweet?
The market is set to extend the impulsive 1 min count I posted yesterday.

15 Min 
In anticipation of the open, I have adjusted the red and green option counts. The red line above is the line in the sand for those options. I'm sure everyone is now watching the descending green trend line as well. We'll see what the market does after the open.
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