Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7/2/13 - AM Update

[X] and B looking good as similar pointed out earlier today.

60 Min - 11:14 AM

Uncertainty. Could e of (b) blue be complete or is it just wave c of (b) blue?

Or wave c of 2 purple is on its way down.

15 Min - 10:54 AM

Added the purple option. Probably shouldn't ignore the -ve hrly MACD divergence.

15 Min - 7:58 AM

Potential similar wave structures with [X] and B completing as EDs. Note the hourly - divergence as well.

1634 is also the 78% retracement of wave A of [Y].

60 Min - 7:25 AM

Keeping an eye on the potential ascending tri now too if 2 green does not play out.

15 Min - 7:18 AM

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