Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10/9/13 - AM Update

Slightly bigger view. Let's see if 3 or C launches into the close or beginning tomorrow.

15 Min - 12:50 PM

Ascending triangle? We'll see.

3 Min - 12:41 PM

Actually a wave iv triangle was printed. We'll see.

3 Min 11:45 AM
Some intra-day  things to consider. Possibly an ED up here. If it is an ED, what does it represent?

3 min - 11:43 AM

The next best thing to a wave iv triangle is a flat. The market has now created a larger degree five wave move up to form wave 1 or A. Coming up on one TL to backtest.

3 Min - 11:10 AM

15 Min - 11:10 AM

Wave iii or c may have hit it's target. If the bulls are building a larger degree five wave move up, wave iv cannot retrace below the purple line.

3 Min - 10:43 AM

targets for wave iii or c.

3 Min - 9:51 AM

A 3 min view. Five waves up off the day's low so far.

3 MIN - 9:30 AM

The triangle thrust target has been met. The wave structure appears to be wedging here so this could be a could end for wave {a} of (y). We'll see.

15 Min - 8:13 AM

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