Thursday, November 7, 2013

11/7/13 - AM Update

Possibly two identical falling wedge patterns. Let's keep a watch especially since this 2nd one is occurring near the 20 day SMA and what would be a completed flat.

10 Min - 12:25 PM

Bulls wanna break the red horizontal line.

10 Min - 12:23 PM

Bulls are in trouble. They need to reverse this if they want a chance.

10 Min - 11:00 AM

Just a heads up speculative scenario to add to the watch list if the bears cannot flush this.

60 Min - 7:58 AM

This ED may be complete.

5 Min - 7:12 AM
However, until the bears can truly flush this, there are some other bull patterns in the works at the higher degree (60min)
60 MIn - 7:12 AM

The ED is looking good and the wave B for the flat (red option) has been moved up to the 1775 high.

We should also be looking for acceleration here if the nested 1-2 i-ii option is in play as mentioned yesterday. Until that happens, the ED and flat options are the ones I'll be watching first.

5 Min - 6:42 AM

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