Friday, August 15, 2014

8/15/14 - AM Update

[9:33 AM]- The bears failed to defend a larger impulse down so far. The falling wedge needs to be watched. Here is an updated red count option.

9:33 AM

[9:04 AM]- Need to keep an eye on this falling wedge potential.

9:04 AM

[8:59 AM[ - Sorry had to add the last bull option in blue.

8:59 AM

[8:56 AM] - This count has taken over.

8:56 AM - 1 Min 

8:56 AM - 5 Min 

[8:45 AM] - Added the red count for the bears. I think so long as the 20 day SMA holds, the bulls have a chance to close this green, however, the red count is fairly legit.

8:45 AM

[8:03 AM] - With the {iv-{i wave violation, this is the bull's best count if they want to buy the Ukrainian news.

8:03 AM

[7:35 AM ] - For all you squiggle junkies.

7:35 AM

[7:01 AM] - Finally got that wave {iii breakout. Watching the upper end of the blue channel and the 1968 level.

7:01 AM

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