Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10/8/14 - EOD Update

[4:29 PM] - Last Fri (10/3), I posted, "One thing I will also keep an eye out for is a wave iv flat. This would mean that the bounce that occurred today, may do so in a three wave fashion before one more leg down to challenge 1900. I won't focus on that just quite yet but wanted to make you all aware of that potential."

I am going to be looking at this potential now as well since I think there is quite some chop going on here. So it is very possible that wave iv of my ED (daily chart) may be working out a flat or just a larger complex corrective zigzag with wave c of X underway.

4:29 PM - 5 Min 
4:29 PM - Daily

[1:26 PM] - Been meaning to post the RUT.

RUT - Daily

[1:13 PM] - So far that double bottom call intraday is playing out. We'll see if the bulls can clear 1978.

I'll be back later to share my thoughts on the new squiggles. Two options on this chart, purple and red.

5 Min 

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