Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11/11/14 - AM Update

12:22 PM - We'll see if the triangle is playing out for one more leg down.

12:22 PM - 1 Min 

9:50 AM -  Looking pretty good. Some extension targets if we get that wave [iii or [c.

9:50 AM - 1 Min 

9:21 AM - There you go. Five waves down. We'll see.

9:21 AM - 1 Min 

8:57 AM- So far looks good. Lets see if there is a wave [ii or [b setting up after the fifth (-v) completes. Maybe a little short play for once. We'll see.

Don't forget, this is a 1 min chart!!

8:57 AM  - 1 Min 

8:29 AM - Limited posts today if any due to the Veteran's Holiday. Thank you to all our service members for serving.

Very convoluted up here but this is one piece that I can make sense of at the moment. Not sure how it fits in to the bigger picture. We'll see.

8:29 AM  - 1 Min 

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