Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12/30/14 - EOD Update

9:13 PM Update - Forgot to add the H/S target.
9:13 PM - 5 Min

Short term the count played out nicely so far. Yesterday I tweeted the position.

However, I have mentioned that 2080 needs to be taken out first if there is gonna be a chance lower near the 2065-2050 region for this pullback of what would be wave ii.

So far looks like five waves down has completed for wave [a of ii. Did wave [b complete or will we see another little bounce back towards 2085 first before resuming lower?

And of course, until 2080 breaks, this could all just be another flat off the highs of an unidentified degree wave 4.
1 Min 

5 Min 

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