Monday, January 12, 2015

1/12/15 - AM Update

8:22 AM - Lets see if the bears create five waves down. Invalidation point in red.
8:22 AM - 5 min

6:51 AM - An hourly perspective shows the battle between bulls and the bears. Since 1/6, I posted that we should anticipate a range developing. So lets continue to monitor this.

6:51 AM - 60 Min 

6:43 AM - The red count option is the one to watch at the moment. The blue count option does not have the right look or proportionality.

The only other option that would makes sense for blue is that five waves have completed off the 1/6/15 low and now a three wave corrective move is in progress off the 1/9/15 high.

6:43 AM - 5 Min 

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