Thursday, December 17, 2009

12/17 - ES Mini AM Update [EDIT 9:35 AM]

She broke thru that lower converging trendline again. It's looking pretty bearish...

Bigger Picture

I don't think it was an ED after all. However, the final 5th channeled perfectly.

They are battling it out on the lower converging trendline. Will be keeping an eye on the retrace (if there is one). I expect some type of retrace since the move down counts perfectly as 5 waves down.

The question now is: Is my preferred count in play or is this just a wave 1 down of 5 more to come.


  1. Doesn't your last iv overlap the i...?

  2. Souljester, u r correct. Thank you. The labels have to be shifted down a notch. There is definitely an ED at the end today.