Monday, January 11, 2010

1/11 - PM Update: DOW, SPX and E-Mini


SPX 60-min

SPX 10-min

SPX 3-min

SPX Alt Option


By the way it looks so far, the Ending Diagonal counts may look complete (or very very close: I know this has been said many times) for the DOW, SPX and E-Mini. All appear to end with a wave 5 throw-over. **The only problem I do show is for the SPX, wave (v) of [v] is longer than (iii), which is a violation, however, since the DOW and E-Mini counts well, I'm going to go with this for now.**

I included a few extra charts to highlight a smaller degree count for the SPX. Based on this count, I show the SPX topping out at 1149.74 and a minuette (unsure of degree at this point) wave (i) and (ii) down in play.

There is also an alternate count for SPX as well. I'll be watching 1131.32 to negate this option.


  1. thanks grande
    sorry to see the futures come back this evening, they were down pretty good after aa earnings

  2. thx whitemule. we'll have to see how futures plays out tonite because that retrace after aa earnings could be wave ii of (iii), with (iii) down yet to come. GL!