Friday, January 29, 2010

1/29 - EOD Update [1/30/10 10:15 Update]

[1/30/10 10:15 Update]

***NOTE*** Things can get hectic with the counts as there are always several possibilities. I know it is hard to determine what my primary and alternate counts are at any given time since I am always updating and posting new charts constantly. Unfortunately that is the nature of counting waves. What I present in my posts are my thoughts as things are unraveling, however, they are not necessarily what I may consider to be my primary count.

So to make things easier for everyone who wants to know where I stand overall without having to scroll through the blog, I have included a link to the right which will include what my primary counts are for the indexes and alternates. I hope this helps.

As for the Ending Diagonal count as it is labeled below I am ruling this alternate count out for now. I overlooked the fact that wave iv was longer than wave ii, which is a rule violation for a contracting ending diagonal. This does not mean it is not wedging and it is still possible an Ending Diagonal is in the works. I will have to visit that later as the waves unfold.

I will be posting an update for my primary count later on in the weekend.

[5:20PM Update]
The Alternate Count

Wow, look at the result of this alternate count that I posted yesterday. I didn't move a thing except for the iv and v label. I'll post more on this later this weekend! v may have a little more to go.



Just something to chew on at the end of the day. Will try to put out more over the weekend. Gonna enjoy the rest of my Friday.


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