Friday, January 8, 2010

1/8 - SPX : Minor C of (Z) An Ending Diagonal?

Here's another way to count this if the top was not in yesterday.

By this count, if correct, a final minuette (c) would be expected. It is possible minuette (c) will also result in an ED. I don't show it on the chart now because it is still too early to tell, but I will update this post if it starts to look that way.

1144 makes for a good top because I show a Fib confluence here:

Minute [v] = [i]
Minuette (c) = .618 x (a)


  1. hey soun ds like you might have nailed it, got an update

  2. Whitemule,

    thx for viewing. I guess we'll know sometime next week. There r some pretty bullish counts out there that I wouldn't quite discount either. Check out pug's (found on my blogroll if ur not familiar with him) for one version. I'll try to post some stuff over the weekend.