Thursday, February 11, 2010

2/11/10 - SPX EOD [2:10PM UPDATE]


***Check out Binve's count as well. We are just about identical and I love the fact that he labeled the subwaves for y of (ii). It works very well.*****

This is the correct labeling for what I believe to be the primary count at the moment. I swapped my previous count, which is still in play if the market wants to drag this out.

I'll post a chart later , if the count is right, that shows that (ii) is complete.

[1:50 PM UPDATE]
FYI, the chart I posted below assumes that a 5 wave move up completes (ii). I forgot to swap the labels with the alternate count. So the alt:a and b waves should be switched to primary and the old primary count should be switched to alternate.

I'll try to post a count later that may have (ii) complete today as well.

It looks like (ii) should be on it's final push up according to this count. It should come to no surprise that we are working towards this area.

It is just taking it's sweet ole time. Check back for more charts later.


  1. Hey Grand, nice count. Yep I am on board with a similar target: Thanks!

  2. hey binve!thx for stopping by. thx brother. we'll see huh?