Sunday, February 14, 2010

2/14/10 - SPX Primary Count Update

Primary 1

Primary 2


I've made some adjustments to my previous counts and the top two charts are my best counts at the moment. I'm leaning more towards the first chart but only by a slim margin.

I'm not sure we drop right away on Tuesday. There may be one final little push for 1082 in a wave 5 throw-over for minuette (ii). I made some notations on the chart above.

Lastly I threw in a simple RUT chart. It makes me think that a push higher will occur to fill in the right shoulder.

Check back later for additional comments on the charts. I'm just a bit tired to comment any further. Hopefully the charts speak for themselves.


  1. Grand, check out Daneric this weekend, RUT on the 1, 2, 3 min has formed and ED with 5 overthrown. Your chart of the SPX is on the way there. With the drugery of the upside moves, (low volume, divergences, lacking commitment, and generally corrective nature) this reminds me EXACTLY of the 1150 top. We keep moving higher but nobody really believes it. I suspect that we will overthrow 5 in SPX and head south hard. Only a guess, but your chartwork is fantastic. GUS

  2. hey gus. thx for the comments. looking like she's pretty close. see u in the cil.