Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2/23/10 - SPX EOD

Preferred Count

Preferred Squiggles


I just wanted to post an additional chart that shows the overall view of my preferred count. The squiggle and alternate counts were included here again.


  1. Hi Grand.

    How would you view a drop below yesterday's lows at this point? Confirmation of Minor 3 or possibly a more complicated fourth of [c] still unfolding?

    I would say tentative confirmation until we break into the territory of the first wave, which would be the gap fill you point out.

  2. Hey Blankfiend.

    I would say a confirmation of minute 3 (my count) (Minor 3 your count?).

  3. Thanks Grand. Given the action since this morning, I would agree. As to the wave degree, I'm undecided between minute and minor. Time-wise, the waves seem like minors (actually they seem like LONG BORING HOURS AND HOURS). Price-wise, they seem like minutes considering what P3 is supposed to accomplish.