Thursday, February 4, 2010

2/4/10 - SPX [9:50 PM Update]


Just added a few things to the chart say once (i) of [iii] is complete. It's close but I'm not sure if there is more downside to come.

I also updated the squiggle chart, which leads me to believe that (i) of [iii] is close.

If it is done, (ii) of [iii] may face some resistance at 1080. The Fib Arc, Fan and price retracement levels may serve as a guide.

See you in the morning.


  1. Lost me with the latest primary, it's just like everyone else's now. But who know, you and they may be right. The next few days will tell.

    I know all the arguments and rationalizations, but I still think we're finishing up [i]. If we're already in [iii], I'll take the problem there!

  2. John

    those are the only two options I see at the moment. We're either in [3] or finishing [1]. GL!