Friday, October 1, 2010

10/1/10 EOD Update

EOD Update
EOD - 3 Min

EOD - 60 Min

Look at where she turned before the close on the 3 min. Gotta love those Fib extensions. At 10:07 AM I posted the projection.

Granted we don't know for sure that B is complete but it certainly shows a complete wave structure for B as a double zigzag. c of B = a of B.

Now we need to see where (Y) of [C] ends. I'm looking for 1135-1131.

Keep in mind again, subwave Cs in triangle may turn into very complex waves so this could drag on a bit more.

Today, MACD 60 min turn up and crossed it's signal line. The Daily MACD is still oh so close to crossing below it's signal line.

BBs- 60 MIN

The Bollinger Bands are getting tight. We had a fakeout yesterday. Which way will it break?
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