Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11:05 AM Update

11:05 AM Update

That impulse count I presented today is out. This is the primary count at the moment
9:49 AM Update

Its possible I may have to move red 4 over to conclude this ascending tri

8:40 AM Update

Here's a 3 min view of the impulse count to reflect the proper degrees to match with option1 . Keep in mind this may need to be bumped down a degree too if this is just wave 1 blue of 5 black.

8:00 AM Update
Looks like some adjustments had to be made on that impulse count.
7:30 AM Update

This looks to be the best option at the moment. However the options alternates posted yesterday are certainly still in play.

Pre Market
ES may be out of the tri or wave d needed to push a little higher. The tri would be considered more likely done if wave b is surpassed. Watch MACD trendline resistance as well for confirmation.
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