Friday, March 25, 2011

3/25/11 - EOD Update [3:25 PM Update]

[3:25 PM Update]

Here's a variation on the combo corrective option I presented earlier. After (x) completes at the top of the range, wave (y) forms a tri within that range and completes the right shoulder of a larger inverted head and shoulders.

EOD Update

The market continues to form corrective waves up and down against the larger trend which is up. This bodes well for my primary count that a flat may be in progress.

The market also closed above key MAs (20, 50) and EMAs (13 and 34). The 5 day MA crossed up through the 20 day, which I have also been keeping an eye on.


The options once again:

1. Wave y of (x) of [4] is underway and will tag the 1335 level
2. Wave w of (x) of [4] is complete with wave x of (x) underway that will test the 1300-1305 level.
3. Wave (x) of [4] is complete and wave (y) is underway. A breakdown below 1284 will help confirm this.
4. Wave (x) of [2] of Minor 3 is complete and wave (y) of [2] of Minor 3 is underway
5. See the INDU chart below for another option

60 Min Primary

Looking for an x wave pullback towards 1305ish.

Here's another optional pattern to watch out for. Given the daily macd bull cross, this may play out as it slowly churns the weekly back towards positive.

60 Min Optional

This is Option #2 from above.

5 and 20 day SMA

The 5 day SMA crossed above the 20 today. Looking for a test of the cross sometime next week.


The hammer has been confirmed. There have been 4 previous reversals.

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