Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3/29/11 - Pre EOD Update [10:33 PM Update]

[10:33 PM Update]

I guess I should've looked at ES before posting the 10:12 update. There's an inverted head and shoulders neckline break. Not only did it jump back into the old channel, but it climbed over it and with a tiny little backtest and bounce higher.

May be safe to say that SPX is gonna aim for that 1335 afterall.

[10:12 PM Update]


Here's a look at the daily chart again in case you have forgotten the bigger picture.

There are a few options there. The primary again at the moment is that minute [4] is working towards it's (x) wave approximately near 1335.

Notice the daily macd bull cross and zero line cross? It may be telling us something here.

I just wanted to add the 3 min squiggles that support my primary 30 min chart below. If that ending diagonal is correct, one more little push up not to exceed 1319.xx (I didn't set the Fibs exactly but it is safe to say it shouldn't exceed 1320) to complete wave a red. See the corresponding 30 min chart below.

I have two other options below. Option 3 would support an end to this leg shortly as well but counts a little differently and possibly would signify the end of (x) at 1320ish.

However, keep in mind option 2 is more bullish and has a 3 of 3 set to shoot higher tomorrow.

We shall see...

[6:15 PM Update]

Just some additional charts that may support the move back to at least 1335 and possibly challenge the highs if this is not a new impulse up for minute [5] of minor 3.

5 and 20 Day SMA

Daily BBs

Pre EOD Update

SPX - 30 Min Primary

I need to head out and won't be able to post an update later. This is the primary count. Wave a red is nearly complete.

I'm anticipating that wave b will pullback to 1313 or so.

Ok. Gotta. Will try to add more comments later.
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