Friday, October 21, 2011

EOD Update [2:41 PM Update]

[2:41 PM Update]

Just an update on the blue count, which is the primary. 

EOD Update

Even with the 20 point gain today several counts remain on the table. For the most part they all point to either a few more points higher or a substantial amount higher. Either way, there is a bias to the upside. The main difference at this point is how high?

So for the time being, let's stick with the primary and keep our eyes peeled for the 3 best alternatives (IMHO)  for now.

I'll post more long term charts over the weekend. One thing to note is the weekly MACD crossed up today triggering a buy signal. I'll post my 2008 analog chart over the weekend too that addresses this.


Alternate 2

Alternate 3

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