Thursday, October 27, 2011

EOD Update [9:46 PM Update]

[9:46 PM Update]

SPX - 15 min Primary
After reviewing my 15 min primary count I removed the ED option for now. I just don't think the subwaves are point in this direction at the moment. 

I have also updated the subwaves for 3 blue of (3)/(C). 

SPX - 60 min
Here is another way to look at the primary count. I have extension ratios for wave 3 of (3)/(C) and (3)/(C).

EOD Update

All I can say is wow. I've pretty much eliminated my two alternate counts (Whew. Finally because I was getting tired of updating em). However, I do have a sub-alternate within the primary there.

It's purely speculation but I'll be keeping an eye out for a potential ED.

I am also looking at the potential for an extended third here. One thing I'll be mindful though of is the high McClellan reading of 97 today.

Need to split for now. I'll have more charts later.


Again, I ask, is this repeating? Is A complete? Or did A complete a while ago and now we are well beyond C?

Weekly Bollinger Bands
I think the 'W' bottom has been confirmed. Keeping an eye on the upper BB.
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