Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6/19/13 - AM Update

Put a bow on it.  watching 1620 below.

115 min - 12:01 PM

Wave iv of the ED is complete.

15 min - 11:14 AM

The market may be building a wave {b} triangle. We'll see.

3 Min - 8:25 AM

I previously tweeted five tiny waves up on the 1min  about 10 mins ago. However, after a small pullback, the mkt pushed once more higher before reversing, resulting in 7 waves up. Lets see if there will be another leg down to hit the lower trend line.

3 Min - 7:50 AM

There's the small dip as called in yesterday's EOD Update. Note the blue wave {iv} into {i} violation.

I mentioned yesterday that this would make the blue count suspect and that the ED would become more likely. Otherwise the bulls now have a quadruple nested 1-2 i-ii. That would mean a seriously 3 of 3 explosion that would extend for a bit. How likely will that be?

Lets see if there is one more little dip here to touch the lower red trend line. Doesn't have to though.

15 Min - 7:28 AM 

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