Friday, November 8, 2013

11/8/13 - AM Update

Yesterday I pointed out the identical falling wedge patterns. The second one played out nicely right at the 20 day SMA. Let's see if it plays out the same way again using the orange lines.

10 Min - 11:00 AM

No real update but just wanted to point out the triangle for wave 4.

3 Min - 10:18 AM

Five waves up looks good. Switched to the 3 min view for a slightly bigger picture.

3 Min - 9:47 AM

Buy this puppy here? This would be the ideal bull setup.

1 Min - 7:58 AM

Wave 4 in progress? If da bulls pull off five waves up, the next larger degree wave 2/b down will be another buy opp.

1 Min - 7:48 AM

The backtest.
10 Min - 7:45 AM

1 min chart.

1 Min - 7:37 AM

Too early to tell but will be keeping an eye for a potential triangle down here.

10 Min - 7:07 AM

Couldn't post an EOD post but that falling wedge I posted intra-day is still in play.

10 Min - 6:32 AM

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