Friday, September 5, 2014

9/5/14 - AM Update

[12:26 PM] - A wave iv triangle or v ED?

12:26 PM - 1 Min 

[11:41 AM] - We'll see if this squiggle plays out. Not a bad time to take profits on this bounce in case it doesn't. Near the top of the range now.

11:41 AM - 1 Min 

[9:44 AM] - Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

9:44 AM - 1 Min 

[7:53 AM] - May have five waves down. Let's see if it bounces from here.

7:53 AM - 1 Min 

[7:27 AM] - Now remember, unless this flushes past 1990,  this could be five waves down for wave {c of this count. How likely is it? I'm not too sure but even with the bearish H/S potentially setting up, this may still be a good place for a bounce to set the neckline and bounce from here. So probably not a bad place to trade this at the lower end of the trading range.

7:27 AM - 60 Min 

[7:21 AM] - A possible squiggle count. Need to double check my previous count.

7:22 AM - 1 Min 

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