Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4/13/10 - SPX 5 Minute [8:30 AM PST Update]

[8:30 AM PST Update]




  1. Grand

    It looks like this push up is too big for your [4] now. I like the drop to this morning's low as a c wave and now we're making a b. Still works for your larger count.

    I had been looking for one more push down this morning to complete a "5" and was going to buy that dip for a trade. But it never happened, of course, and we never got a good RSI div, which points to a c wave too.

    Gold and miners look like they need another drop to a new low as well before taking off again. That works with this as well.

  2. "and now we're making a b"

    That's a bit confusing. A "b" of one larger degree than the "c", is what I meant. So using your legend it would be [B] as part of a flat for red ii.

  3. Right on Onlooker. thx for the feedback and for viewing