Wednesday, April 14, 2010





 Here are some interesting trendlines and do they mean anything? At the top I have the SPX and the bottom two are of the DOW

So far it appears the SPX may have broken above the two long term trendlines and is approaching the 78.6% Fib fan retracement. 

The DOW on the other hand broke down below a long term trendline during the 2008 decline only to recapture it in the massive rally in 2009. But not only did it recapture that trendline, a slight pullback found support on a different long term trendline. Has the DOW regained it's footing? Do we melt up into bubble #3?

If the SPX follows the DOW's lead, then it is only a matter of time before it does something similar.

Ok. I guess I lied. The previous post was not the last one. We'll see if I post one more before I head out.


  1. nice LT charts on spx & dow.
    the 20 yr one on spx should provide strong back test resistance, that's what it's for!

    i also see another important LT resistance for spx.
    and see an important LT resistance for dow right around here.
    i will post those on my blog later.
    check out from time to time.

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  3. and interesting enuf is nasdaq, wilshire 5000 both at the corresponding LT resistance line as spx & dow's.
    all these lines of various indexes are important to the future development.

  4. thx humble. i think u had something to do with the spx idea :)

  5. Grand, those are interesting long-term theories, but I have a couple of problems with them.

    1. Treasury Bubble? Treasuries have been in a bubble for 20 years already at this point.
    2. If this is now the first wave of V, why does it not seem to have a motive structure?
    3. IV complete in a decade after a 70 year III?

    Have a great vacation. I'm going away the same week. Must have kids of school age, aye?

  6. there are two more very important LT lines for spx, maybe talk about it after your vacation.

    indu - Apr 16 - the day after the conclusion of large & small expanding diagonal conclusion

    spx Apr 16 - the day after the large & small expanding diagonal conclusion

    vix -

    xlf -

    need to continue?
    they are all the same.

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