Sunday, April 25, 2010

4/24/10 - SPX E-mini Update

Here is a count on the mini. It is consistent with my preferred 60 minute count found in the link near the top of the blog.

It appears that minuette (b) of minute [a] or [i] of minor B is completing. The degrees may need to change but we can address that later as the structure develops.

If anything, these are very overlapping waves. The ending diagonal option is on the table as well. Let's see if the those Fibonacci techniques work out and if they do, let's see if those MAs provide some support if we get a pullback this week.

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  1. Do not think the SP has risen a little, because since 1150 there are already nearly 6%. I know that there is room to climb, but I still say that we can alleviate these values. I continue to predominate with long positions in my portfolio but am aware of these figures.